Date: Fri 26-Jan-2018   League: Division 3
BrdColCRGS  Result DUNMOW Col
1bAryan Sharma (100) 01Declan Kilcline (130)w
2wAdam Azhar (100) 01Derek Jones (113)b
3bNaren Shanmugam (100) 01William Attwood (103)w
4wDenis Losev (100) 01Spas Nikolov (104)b
        (avg=100)  0   4          (avg=112)


  Date: Tue 14-Nov-2017
  Home team's board 3 was inelligible.
  League: Division 3
1bGorak Rajesh (178) 10Andrew Todd (108)w
2wGabriele Corso (155) 10Michael Coughtrey (104)b
3bIneligible* - Luka Chilvers (120) 10Warwick Estlea (104)w
4wAsher Morton (110) 01Nigel Lake (89)b
        (avg=140)  1½   2          (avg=101)
* Played game score shown. Match score adjusted accordingly



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     Mon 26-Feb-2018 Notice   Week of Knockout Round 4
     Wed 28-Feb-2018
    Note: not usual home match night

     League 3   CRGS   v  CLACTON B 
    Wed 07-Mar-2018 proposed by
    Braintree C
     99 days ago (13-Nov-17)
     League 3   BRAINTREE C   v  CRGS  
     Wed 14-Mar-2018
    Note: not usual home match night

     League 3   CRGS   v  BRENTWOOD B 
     Wed 04-Apr-2018
    Note: not usual home match night

     League 3   CRGS   v  BILLERICAY B 
     Mon 09-Apr-2018 Notice   Week of Knockout Round 5
    Thu 12-Apr-2018 proposed by
    Chelmsford E
     148 days ago (25-Sep-17)
     League 3   CHELMSFORD E   v  CRGS  
     Wed 18-Apr-2018 
     League 3   WITHAM B   v  CRGS  
     Mon 14-May-2018 Notice   Week of Knockout Round 6/reserve
    Wed 16-May-2018 proposed by
    Colchester D
     157 days ago (16-Sep-17)
     League 3   COLCHESTER D   v  CRGS  
    Thu 24-May-2018 proposed by
    Chelmsford D
     148 days ago (25-Sep-17)
     League 3   CHELMSFORD D   v  CRGS  


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